Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross: Wes Schempf Interview

Weston Schempf (C3‑Athletes Serving Athletes) began the defense of his 2008 Men’s Elite MABRA Cyclocross Series championship by winning the 2009 series opener, the Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross. The race benefits a college scholarship fund for Chris Sander, whose father was killed in a training accident. The late Ed Sander’s NCVC teammates put on the annual race at the Lilypons Water Gardens in Buckeystown, Maryland.

Schempf sets the pace at the front.

Schempf, C3 teammate Andrew “Bad Andy” Wulfkuhle, and the Haymarket Bicycles duo of Joe Dombroski and Jared Nieters, established an early lead group on the muddy, rutted Lilypons course. Wulfkuhle and Nieters dropped off the pace after a couple laps leaving Schempf and Dombroski to trade blows. In the finale, Schempf was able to outgun Dombroski, who pulled out of his pedal just as he started winding up for the sprint.

Along with being the reigning MABRA champ, Schempf is also the defending MAC Cyclocross Series champ and placed third at last season’s 30-34 U.S. National Cyclocross Championship. We caught up with Wes to get his thoughts on how the Ed Sander race played out.  Continue reading “Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross: Wes Schempf Interview”


Charm City Cyclocross: The Droodle Pork* Races

Killer Bs hit the course.

We are wrapping up coverage of the 2009 Charm City Cyclocross with the traditional ‘In The Crosshairs’ podium finisher interviews. You’ve heard what the pros had to say, now let’s hear how your fellow competitors saw the day. Thanks for reading.

What was your favorite part of the course?

Michael Yozell (VisitPA.com, First place, Men Masters Elite):C3 built a great course. I’d have to say there isn’t one particular section that was a favorite but I did think the stairs in the outer field was a nice touch, very creative and much better than the old barrier placement. The course had good flow throughout.

Adam Driscoll (Adventures For the Cure, First place, Men’s 2/3/4): My favorite part of the course was definitely the natural barrier where you have to do a 180 turn around a big tree. This was a great place where we had lots of spectators.

Robert Sheffield (Squadra Coppi/IM SAAB, First place Men’s 4): The two sets of single track around the trees on the far side of the course separated by the stairs. It was fast and really smooth.

Jonathan Seibold (Family Bike Shop/DCMTB, Second Place Masters Men 3/4): The stairs and the new swoopy section right after them. I also like the planter box around the tree. 

Chris Mayhew (JBV Coaching, Third place, Men’s 2/3/4): The planter box. I’m a big fan of natural obstacles. It feels a bit old school since they’re really high. And it’s such a natural focus point of the course with the pit and BBQ right there. It’s always the loudest part of the course. 

Lindsey Hillesheim (Squadra Coppi, Third place Women’s 3/4): All of it. Charm City has great flow with turns that are wide enough that you don’t to brake much and enough obstacles to keep it interesting and technical.   

Jay Morali (C3, Third Place Masters Men 3/4): I really liked the stairs on the back side. A nice addition to the course this year.

Jesse Leifert (Route 1 Velo/Arrow Bicycle, Third Place Men’s 4): I actually really enjoyed the whole first lap. Having never done a cross race before, the experience of riding on wet grass and dirt around trees with 125 of my fellow cyclists was a pretty cool experience. Also, having staged towards the latter third of the pack you could really see everyone getting freaked out by the proximity of everyone. I ended up following Tim Brown from Bike Rack and we passed a bunch of people for the first two laps as we tried to make our way back to the front. It was a blast.  Continue reading “Charm City Cyclocross: The Droodle Pork* Races”


Charm City Cyclocross: Mike Garrigan Interview

Former Canadian National Cyclocross Champion Mike Garrigan

La Biciletta’s Mike Garrigan, the 2007 Canadian Cyclocross Champion, brought his skills as a professional mountain biker, accomplished ‘crosser, and former runner, to the fast technical Charm City Cyclocross course. In this past Sunday’s race at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, Garrigan battled with Adam Myerson and Davide Frattini all day long at the front of the Men’s Elite field. In the finale, it came down to a two-man battle for silver. Garrigan put in a strong effort to hold off Myerson and secure the second step on the podium.

Mike took some time to share some insights on how the day unfolded and his appreciation of a good bottle of wine.  Continue reading “Charm City Cyclocross: Mike Garrigan Interview”


Charm City Cyclocross: Men’s Elite Winner Davide Frattini

Davide Frattini in the starting grid.

Team Fuji’s Davide Frattini came to Charm City Cyclocross with arguably the best form in the elite men’s field. He proved this the day before by winning Nittany Lion Cross, race #1 in the MAC Cyclocross series. At Sunday’s Charm City Cyclocross, Frattini, who rides on the road for Colavita/Sutter Home, survived a mid-race crash to rejoin the lead pack and ultimately pull away at the end for the victory. Frattini previously won Charm City in 2007.

Davide travelled from Baltimore back to his home in Italy but was kind enough to take time out of his travels to answer some questions. Pay special attention to his pre-race routine. You don’t have to copy it exactly but it shows the meticulous planning professional racers undergo. It’s not just being a better athlete, boys and girls, it’s doing the little things that put yourself in the best position to win.  Continue reading “Charm City Cyclocross: Men’s Elite Winner Davide Frattini”


Charm City Cyclocross: Maureen Bruno Roy Interview

Bruno Roy Entered Sunday's race as one of the favorites.

A good argument can be made that the 2009 edition of Charm City Cyclocross featured the strongest elite women’s field racing in North America this past weekend. One of the favorites going into Sunday’s race, held September 20 at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, was Maureen “Mo” Bruno Roy, a multiple cyclocross and mountain bike national champion. Bruno Roy, the 2007 MAC Cyclocross Series champion, entered Sunday’s race fast on the heels of a second place finish in Nittany Lion Cross, the MAC season opener.

Bruno Roy, who along with her husband Matt Roy make up MM Racing, spent Sunday battling it out in a five women lead group that contained Charm City Cycling stalwarts Laura Van Gilder and Diedre Winfield. What was by far the closest race of the day, came down to an exciting last lap battle. Maureen gives us the inside scoop on how the race unfolded.  Continue reading “Charm City Cyclocross: Maureen Bruno Roy Interview”


Charm City Cyclocross: Adam Myerson Interview

The interviews from this past Sunday’s Charm City Cyclocross that took place at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, are coming in fast and furious. Because several pro riders from the elite field were kind enough to take time out of their incredibly busy schedules to share some knowledge, I am going to change the format of race interviews a bit and push a couple posts out ahead of the field. The first interview I’d like to share is with Adam Myerson. 

Adam has been a professional bike racer since 2003. He races on the road for Team Mountain Khakis and dons the kit of his coaching business, Cycle-Smart, for cyclocross season. Myerson hit the first two races in the MAC Cyclocross series days after finishing third on the road in the Texas Tough criterium, September 17. He placed second at the MAC opener, Nittany Lion Cross, September 19, and finished third in Sunday’s Charm City Cyclocross. 

Myerson and the elite men chill before the start

I had an opportunity to ask Adam about the Charm City race. If you are new to racing, or even if you have been at it a while, give this interview a careful read. The amount of coaching, tactics, strategy and training advice stuffed into his responses to eight questions is incredible. 

Thanks for reading.  Continue reading “Charm City Cyclocross: Adam Myerson Interview”