Charm City Video

As I work on getting together interviews from this past Sunday’s Charm City Cyclocross at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, I am pleased to present the first ever In The Crosshairs helmet-cam production. Here is the prologue and first lap from the Men’s Masters B race.

In its original format, there was a smoking soundtrack to accompany the video. But it turns out that Sony Corp. and I disagree on the definition of “fair use” and You Tube has disabled the audio.  I will try to have an alternative copy with restored audio up on Vimeo soon. In the meantime, take your Dramamine and let’s go for a ride.


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4 Responses to “Charm City Video”

  1. BB

    man… that made my legs hurt even more than they did already. nicely done.


  2. chris

    So crucial with the Rancid.

  3. mike

    i’m the slow dude in front of your with polka dot jersey. that is too weird to see a video of yourself. i don’t know what’s worse:
    – seeing your drivers license pic
    – hearing a recording of yourself
    – seeing a from-behind of yourself in a race.


  4. Ebae

    Sweet!!! Thanks for cutting the video just before you pass me….

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