Tacchino Ciclocross Video

Tacchino Ciclocross took place November 8, 2009, at Rosaryville State Park, Maryland. Here is video from the Masters 3/4 race. Music is courtesy of Caleb Stine. If you like what you hear, check out more from Caleb at www.calebstine.com.

This is week two with the second camera. We get a little better look at the possibilites because it isn’t pouring down rain this time around. Watching the rear-view footage of the start gives you a pretty good idea of how chaotic things can get with everybody jockeying for position. I’ve also tried to incorporate a little more of the actual sounds of the race, especially around the pavillion.

Finally, if you have ever been reading Gwadzilla and thought to yourself, “I wonder what that guy is like in real life?” Look no further than 7:23 at the bottom left-hand corner camera. Yeah, that’s ‘cross.

Thanks for watching.

If you missed the Joel Gwadz salute, here it is in isolation. If you are offended by gloved fingers, please don’t watch.


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5 Responses to “Tacchino Ciclocross Video”

  1. ryan douglas

    Bill, Another great video. However, I think this was the best yet. The weather was great and so was the lighting, props to your grip crew. Gwads…nice….wheely after the Top Gun salute. The fade out of the music with the last 45-60 seconds of clicking and grinding of the bike race was a nice touch. I think you have a future in this business….that is highlighting ameteur races in the Mid-Atlantic region. Seriously though, you are a marked man…that camera catches somebody going down every f-ing race and if you are not taken out by it, you usually are right there when it happens. I am just saying, maybe dudes are performing acts of stupididy in hopes of getting on the NEW Podium…the CXHAIRS.COM Podium.

    End of the season could see a nice MABRA best crashes reel.



  2. Jim Klender

    The split screen is captivating. The perspective of the rear-facing, with your spinning tire in view is dramatic. You are spoiling the heck out of us! Well done!


  3. Bill OK

    Bill–Great video. I too like the split screen. It’s great to relive the race every week through your camera(s).

    See you at Rockburn, I presume.

  4. Mark Wanco

    Nice 😉 Wish I could’ve been there. Looks like a great course. Thx for the heads-up on Caleb. Great stuff!

  5. Dave Tambeaux

    If you like to ride fast and watch your vids, how could you not get hooked on ‘cross? My only lament this week, was starting too far behind you get even a cameo. Love the music selections as well.

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