Charm City Cross Race Preview


Frattini and Myerson battle at the front of the 2009 Charm City Cross

Charm City Cross goes off September 18 and 19 for a full weekend of cyclocross goodness. Always a crowd favorite, the addition of a second day of racing gives race organizers C3-Athletes Serving Athletes more latitude to tweak an already amazing course. Run it backwards? Add some new sections? Only the promoters know for sure at this point. Fields are filling up fast and a couple on Saturday have already closed. So if you want to be on the line with 124 of your closest friends, go here now and register.

Last year at we introduced helmet-cam footage to great success. Now that we have a healthy library of race footage to pull from, we are ready to unveil a new feature on the site. I think you are going to like it. The plan is to release a new video roughly a week before a selected race. The new video will include the helmet-cam footage with the addition of full race commentary. A rotating cast of cyclocross insiders will walk you through the ins and outs of the course as the video rolls.

Where is the best line? How should you set up for a barrier? This is the type of inside information we hope to provide with these videos.

So let’s get started. Charm City Cross is the traditional season opener for many in the Mid-Atlantic. Especially for those that travel North to the race. The event makes up the second and third round of the MAC series and is the dress rehearsal for the MABRAcross series that starts the next weekend with the Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross race. Your commentators for this race are Chris Mayhew, associate coach with JBV Coaching, and Dan Tille, head coach at Fulcrum Coaching.

Thanks for watching. And as always, your feedback is important. Drop us a line at or on Twitter or Facebook.

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9 Responses to “Charm City Cross Race Preview”

  1. Anthony

    I like how you laid down the two audio tracks in STEREO! Good job!

  2. Jesse


    “yeaaa..and keep your eye on the green shorts here in just a panel, green panel…”

    “gotta pick that bike up”

    “faaiiiillll…gotta pick that up”


  3. Rick

    Awesome, nice work Bill, Chris and Dan… this is something that was missing but Awesome, hope you do it every race!!!!

  4. Sven

    great feature & very good analysis!

  5. Daniel McMahon

    Love it. Well done.

  6. anon


  7. Chris Mayhew

    We were told specifically not to talk about it. Or your typing.

  8. Thori

    Nice. What a great course and commentary. I’m already worn out just watching. I think I’ll go have some bbq and a beer and pretend it’s complete.

  9. Tim Blender

    I assume that you are having a pint as you talk (’cause you’re not actually racing). Perhaps you could announce your bevie and, during the commentary, pause for a sip now ‘n’ then :)

    Enjoyed it much.

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