Tacchino Tandem-Cross

Tacchino Ciclocross-09290

DCMTB was well represented at Tacchino Tandem Cross. Photo by JoeMallis.com

Round two of the MABRAcross tandem-cross series took place November 7 at Rosaryville State Park. The Tacchino Ciclocross tandem class featured the undefeated Padam Blairscoll rig and top contenders Biggs Rig and Bartlett Boys. Throw in 12 other tandems including ones piloted by tigger and piglet and a gorilla chasing a banana and you got yourself one bodacious tandem spectacular.

To cover this event I had two helmet cams and some outside the tape footage. One of the helmet cams decided not to record and most of my hand-held footage mysteriously disappeared. So we are left with a bit of an abridged version of Squadra Coppi’s Tacchino Tandem Cross. But with two more races scheduled, Rockburn and MABRA Champs, there are more opportunities to get it right.

Thanks for watching.


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4 Responses to “Tacchino Tandem-Cross”

  1. Galen

    Well, you did the best you could with the footage you had. I appreciate the time and effort you put into all this.

  2. Adam

    Awesome job Bill! Does the sound stop around 2:18 or so?


  3. schiek

    Not sure what is going on with the sound. It was working fine, yesterday. If it continues to drop out I may reload the file. It’s a bit drab without the soundtrack.

  4. Adam

    Awesome! Works now:). Cant wait for Rockburn. Bill, you need to race tandem at Rockburn:)

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