In this episode, #SVENNESS makes a stop at the GP Mario De Clercq. We look at the muddy, hilly terrain and highlight cornering, run-ups, choosing a line and knowing when to pit. We also take a look at the start. And remember kids, there are no rain jackets in cyclocross.

This episode is presented by Skills, Drills and Bellyaches: A Cyclocross Primer. You can learn more and purchase a copy of the book at cyclocrossbook.com. You can read a review at pavedmag.com/featured/book-report/.

Video footage via Sporza sporza.be/cm/sporza/wielrennen/veldrijden

Music by The Juan Maclean. thejuanmaclean.com/

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#SVENNESS 2.3 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.


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6 Responses to “#SVENNESS 2.3”

  1. Kent Fackenthall

    What a great video. It was both entertaining and educating and I am both exhausted just watching these monsters and itching to get out on the cross bike.

    Kudos all around.

  2. Mike

    Always amazed at the gears they are pushing, almost nobody is ever spinning.

    That rut downhill section was crazy! I think I would have fallen just trying to run down it.

  3. josh

    seems like running the downhill camber switchbacks was way faster…at least when Albert did it in front of Bina.

  4. wittwer

    love it… ESPN Euro needs to hire you…

  5. Patrick Blair

    Bill! This is soooo good. WOW. You see things and point them out that I would never see.

  6. Tillmanator

    that video and commentary freaking rocked. Damn that rut was crazy treacherous. Awesome, thanks!

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