Crystal City Wednesday Night Spins Race #5

After an amazing four weeks of racing underground, we through convention to the wind for the finale. After an all-comers open week and the last race in a superb women’s series, the zaniness began.


The cargo-bike/bikeshare/tandem/whatever race is always a crowd favorite and this year was no different. With a rerouted course that brought racers through the happy hour, this was a party loosely disguised as a race.





To cap it off, we held the Fixed-Gear Finale, which once again proved to be one of the most exciting races of Wednesday Night Spins. John Shackleford kept the rubber side down and came away with his second WNS crown.


Huge thank you to Crystal City BID, Vornado and the Crosshairs Cycling crew. These guys are the best.

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Thanks everyone for coming out to play. Join us next year in March when we do it again.




Thanks again to Bruce Buckley and Crystal City BID for providing photos of the event. The photos are free to download and post as you wish for non-commercial uses. If you do post, give a shout to the event and to Bruce. And tell your friends to come out next week.

Photos from week 5 races are available here:

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Here are your final results:

Women’s Week 5 Results

Women (Open) 2016-03-30-CCWNS 5-r2-


Women’s Series Final Standings:

Final Week CCWNS Womens Series


Week 5 Open Race

Category 1-99 (Open) 2016-03-30-CCWNS Week 5-r1-

Week 5 Anything Goes

anything goes (Open) 2016-03-30-CCWNS 5-r3-


Fixed Gear Finale

Fixed gear finale 2016-03-30-CCWNS 5-r4-



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