The Young Guns Of U.S. Cyclocross: Where Are They Now?

[Editor’s Note: Neil Schirmer makes his first appearance as a contributor to with a great look at the podium finishers from January’s U23 National Championship race in Austin and where they are now. You can follow Neil on Twitter at @NSchirm. Also check out his website, CXetc. for more good reading.]

After great finishes in Austin earlier this year in January, where are these young guns of US Cyclocross this season? What have they been up to and where are they headed? Here’s what we found after digging around and catching up with a few of them. Continue reading “The Young Guns Of U.S. Cyclocross: Where Are They Now?”


AFI (A Fan in …): Neerpelt

[Editor’s Note: Cat Armour is a self-proclaimed displaced Kiwi in the heart of Europe. A serious fan and follower of all things cycling, and specifically cyclocross, Cat has seen more live eurocross races than most of you (or me) could dream of attending. She will be checking in from time to time with her tape-side reports of races in a segment we are calling AFI (A fan in …). A paid-in-full member of the Kevin Pauwels supporters club, Cat is also a contributor to the book “Ride The Revolution: The Inside Stories From Women In Cycling.” Follow her on Twitter at @meowclank and check out more photos on Flickr..] Continue reading “AFI (A Fan in …): Neerpelt”

Hydration, Rider Safety and the No Feed Rule (Also Ellison Park Day 1 Results)

Ellison Park Cyclocross P/B Full Moon Vista Race #1 saw Jeremy Powers take the win on the men’s side and Kaitlin Antonneau do the same for the women. Full results for the men are here. Full results for the women are here. We will have full coverage after the weekend.  In the meantime, the day was not without controversy as the UCI’s July 2015 change to Rule 5.1.038 caused a lot of confusion as it received its first test on an extremely hot day. The rule change eliminates feeding during a UCI cyclocross race. Continue reading “Hydration, Rider Safety and the No Feed Rule (Also Ellison Park Day 1 Results)”

OTB: The Future of French Cyclocross

[Editor’s Note: Taylor Jones knows French bicycle racing. To be more accurate, he knows about all cycling but he has a special place in his heart for the French. Taylor will be covering not only French cyclocross for In The Crosshairs, but ‘cross from all of the sometimes forgotten places that are not Belgium. It’s a column we are calling OTB: Other Than Belgium.] Continue reading “OTB: The Future of French Cyclocross”