UCI Statement: Femke Van den Driessche Technological Fraud Decision

Here is the full text of Femke Van den Driessche’s UCI disciplinary decision. Van den Driessche was found with a motor concealed in a bike  during the 2016 Cyclocross World Championships. As you will read in the statement below, she receives a six-year suspension and 20,000 CHF fine. She also loses her U23 European Championship and U23 Belgian Championship titles. Her team did not receive any disciplinary sanctions. Continue reading “UCI Statement: Femke Van den Driessche Technological Fraud Decision”


World Championship Course Preview Videos

There have been a handful of point-of-view course preview videos floating around. This one by Team France and Cofidis rider, Clément Venturini, was brought to my attention by fellow cxhairs.com and Crosshairs Radio contributor, Taylor Jones. The footage was shot for French Cyclocross website,Labourés Magazine, and does a nice job showing the elevation changes in the course as well as the trees … in the course. Also, listen for Venturini’s breathing when he’s off the bike. Even for a recon ride, every lap at Zolder is a hot lap. It’s going to be a fast race but that doesn’t necessarily mean this course is easy. Or flat. Continue reading “World Championship Course Preview Videos”


Preliminary 2016-2017 UCI Cyclocross Calendar Released [PROCEED WITH CAUTION]

Before you even scroll down and start marking your calendars, know this: the calendar below and currently on the UCI website is not final. If anything it is a placeholder that may not have necessarily been meant for public consumption. In other words, it’s not completely correct and likely to change. The calendar vote will happen this weekend and a final calendar will be released after the World Championships. And that final calendar? Even it may change. Nothing is certain in UCI cyclocross land.

Continue reading “Preliminary 2016-2017 UCI Cyclocross Calendar Released [PROCEED WITH CAUTION]”


The Book of Cross: Chapter 2

Jeremy Powers and Motofish Coffee have put together another great chapter in the Book of Cross project. As much as I loved watching Behind the Barriers, my editor’s brain was doing a lot of cutting during episodes. Just a bit here and a bit there to tighten things up. We watched chapter 2 of the Book of Cross series, which covers Jingle Cross, and Jeremy’s relationship with Stephen Hyde, and it flew by. Editor brain didn’t engage once (okay, maybe once). Regardless, every scene is a good one. And the sand quarry training ground??? That is SPECTACULAR. Continue reading “The Book of Cross: Chapter 2”


Sneak Peek And Map Of Asheville 2016 U.S. Cyclocross Nationals Course

The U.S. Cyclocross Nationals organizers released footage today of the nationals course that will be used January 5-10 in Asheville, North Carolina, on the Biltmore Estate. In theory, that’s awesome as we have all been eager to get a look. The disclaimer, here, is this isn’t the full lap, and none of the obstacles, like flyovers, are in place. The course isn’t marked either, since we are still a couple weeks out. But you get a look at the terrain, the change in elevation, the grass, off-cambers, and bike barn. For now, we will even forgive the peek/peak mixup in the title. Continue reading “Sneak Peek And Map Of Asheville 2016 U.S. Cyclocross Nationals Course”


The Young Guns Of U.S. Cyclocross: Where Are They Now?

[Editor’s Note: Neil Schirmer makes his first appearance as a contributor to cxhairs.com with a great look at the podium finishers from January’s U23 National Championship race in Austin and where they are now. You can follow Neil on Twitter at @NSchirm. Also check out his website, CXetc. for more good reading.]

After great finishes in Austin earlier this year in January, where are these young guns of US Cyclocross this season? What have they been up to and where are they headed? Here’s what we found after digging around and catching up with a few of them. Continue reading “The Young Guns Of U.S. Cyclocross: Where Are They Now?”