Crosshairs Radio Episode 5: Jeremy Powers

Three time and current national U.S. cyclocross champion, Jeremy Powers, joins us for a conversation on the latest episode of Crosshairs Radio. We talk about his place in the current U.S. cyclocross landscape, in which he is the guy everyone wants to beat and how his motivation for winning races has evolved over the years. We also discuss racing overseas and how that best works for racers in the U.S. who want to travel to, but not necessarily live in, Europe. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 5: Jeremy Powers”


Crosshairs Radio Episode 3: Georgia Gould and Ryan Trebon

For episode 3 of Crosshairs Radio we talk to Georgia Gould and Ryan Trebon after both had great results at the CrossVegas World Cup race.

Georgia Gould, the five time mountainbike national champion (four times in XC and once in short-track) and 2012 olympic medal winner, talks about her CrossVegas race, finding form, equality in racing, heckling, hydrating and (if you can believe it) more. Continue reading “Crosshairs Radio Episode 3: Georgia Gould and Ryan Trebon”

Katerina Nash Interview: Post-Race CrossVegas

[EDITOR’S NOTE: The sound quality on the video at the bottom of the page suffers from a bit of wind noise. If you watched the race, or saw highlights, especially of the sand, you witnessed how bad the wind was at the race. Unfortunately, this wind picked up again as soon as we started our interview. It’s still worth watching, and you can hear everything fine, there’s just some unavoidable background noise that gets in the way here and there.]

Katerina Nash has won CrossVegas more than anybody, male or female. Her fourth victory at the Desert Breeze Soccer Complex in Las Vegas, Nevada, also gave her the lead in the UCI World Cup standings. Nash credited her victory on the knowledge of the course and familiarity with racing in Vegas. Continue reading “Katerina Nash Interview: Post-Race CrossVegas”

Katie Compton: CrossVegas Pre-Race Interview

Katie Compton (Trek Factory Racing) is the most accomplished U.S. Cyclocross racer ever. Hands down. Just look at the new logo. The 11 in the teeth is for each of her U.S. Cyclocross National Championships. Add to that 22 World Cup wins, two  world cup overall titles, four world championship medals and 103 UCI wins, and there really isn’t an argument to be made that includes anyone else. Continue reading “Katie Compton: CrossVegas Pre-Race Interview”