Urban Cross 2008: All In Or Just For Fun.

9. Is CX your main focus?

GUNNAR SHOGREN: No, racing bikes is my main focus.

LINDSAY BAYER: Not a chance. Cross is an interesting variation of cycling, but I don’t think I could truly love a sport where I regularly get dizzy and crash into tape. Mountain biking is my main focus – the races are longer and less intense and there are trees and deer and squirrels.

STEVE FIFE: I’ve been racing on the road since March, and have had a full season right up until the end of July. I’d love to focus primarily on Cross, but there is so much more fun to be had throughout the year. It is however, one of my favorite things to do all year. It’s over way too soon.

JAY MORALI: It is now!

JULIE KULIECZA: Starting this season it is. It will be my main focus next year as well.

KENNETH MORRIS: No. It is my off-season training tool.

CJ CONGROVE: No, but it is fun.


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