Urban Cross 2008: For Real, This Is My First Cross Race Ever …

6. Are you sandbagging? If not, defend yourself. [If you didn’t finish first, was the winner sandbagging???]

LINDSAY BAYER: I started riding last summer and this is my first season of racing cross. There are plenty of people telling me to move up now, but also plenty of people telling me to stay where I am for the season and then move up. I’ve put in for an upgrade so I can race in the next class, but in the meantime, I’m staying where I am in hopes of winning a prize that will top the bright pink kneewarmers I won last week.

GUNNAR SHOGREN: I just turned 46. Racing against 35 year old punks? Ain’t always winning either. Ain’t no sandbagging here.

STEVE FIFE: I’ve been racing cross since 2002, and have only ever won 1 race. I’ve placed in the top 10 several times, but feel that until I win a bunch of races, or the overall in a series, I’m not ready to make the jump to the next category.

JULIE KULIECZA: Sandbagger?  nah…. maybe a little last year, but I will give anyone the benefit of doubt if it is their first year of cross and they are doing really well.

JAY MORALI: This is my first year in cross.  I have done fairly well and will be moving up to 3/4 35+ next year.

KENNETH MORRIS: In most races I have been part of, the winner is several seconds or minutes ahead of the field.  Today was not that bad.  It was just 45 seconds or so.

CJ CONGROVE: No, this was my 4th bike race of any variety.


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