Urban Cross 2008: Keep It Rolling …

7. Are you racing next week? What will you do differently, what will you try to repeat?

CJ CONGROVE: Yep, Tech Cross here I come.  5th is my best finish yet, so I’m going to try to repeat more than I change.  Not crashing would probably help.  Maybe not rage so hard on the first lap.

NOAH BELL: Yes. Make my turns more shaper. Ride strong the whole time.

STEVE FIFE: No racing next week. The MABRA Cross Series concludes the next two following weekends. The only victory will be finishing out the series with some more good results.

JAY MORALI: Two weeks. Obviously work on my technique!

JULIE KULIECZA: Yes. Faster through corners, less brakes, stay focused and ride my own race.

LINDSAY BAYER: No, THANK GOD. I have my first weekend off since late September. The following weekend I’ll be racing again and will probably just try to do a better warm up and maybe not get lost in the maze of streets around the race venue.

GUNNAR SHOGREN: Actually, and this is a rare case during this season, we are NOT racing next weekend. Too far and we just don’t want to travel that much this year.

KENNETH MORRIS: In two weeks at Haymarket.  I will try to handle my bike better.

JAKE THOMPSON: I’m not racing this week (next race Squadra Coppi Tacchino). 



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