Urban Cross 2008: Shout It, Shout It, Shout It Out Loud.

13. Give a shout out to somebody.

NOAH BELL: Caleb Merriam who I’m looking out for in the MABRA championship.

STEVE FIFE: Shout out to all of the promoters who put on these events. Without them, these questions are pointless.

JAY MORALI: Thanks to the Promoter and refs and anyone else who contributed to a great day!

JULIE KULIECZA: Shout outs to the entire ALAN North America Cycling team, for being super supportive and a tight group of people to race with, especially Stu (xoxo).


KENNETH MORRIS: Shout out to the Winchester Wheelmen Race Team!!!

CJ CONGROVE: All race organizers.

JAKE THOMPSON: My teammate, Nick Battan. 

GUNNAR SHOGREN: Hi Betsy.  Hi MoG & FoG.  (Mother of Gunnar…)


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