Urban Cross 2008: The Good, The Bad … That Brick Wall

2. What was the best/worst part of the course?

LINDSAY BAYER (1st Place Women Cat3/4): The best part was the sand pit, because I thought I was going to wipe out every time. The worst part would probably have to be the steep, rickety flight of steps. I love my bike, but I’ve never had the desire to take it climbing.

STEVE FIFE (2nd Place Men Cat 3/4): My favorite parts of the course were the sand pit, stairs, off camber turns, and fast barrier section. Least favorite part of the course was the start. We needed more room to wind up the sprint and would have benefited from the use of the whole road (minus the parked pick up truck).

JAY MORALI (3rd Place Men Cat 4): Best – sand pit was fun!  Worst – the chance of smashing into the brick wall at bottom of hill!

NOAH BELL (1st Place Junior 10-14): Best part was the sand pit. Worst was the stairway to heaven.

KENNETH MORRIS (4th Place Men Cat 4): I loved the “litter box.” I hated the downhill into the brick wall.

CJ CONGROVE (5th Place Men Cat 4): It was pretty epic all around.  I come from a mountain biking background and usually enjoy the more technical cross courses, so the Urban Cross course was perfect for me.  Lots of tight sections and quick up and downs with cambered and off cambered turns, and no long road sections for the physically fit people to make that much time on me.

JAKE THOMPSON (2nd Place Junior 10-14; 4th Place Junior U16): I think the best part of the course was the part where the hill drops you into the wall and if you didn’t hit it you go to the sand pit.

JULIE KULIECZA: Best part had to be all the technical turns, the worst part: the downhill into a brick wall.

GUNNAR SHOGREN: None of it was awful at all, though it certainly seemed a bit “off” on the first pre-ride. Racing it was a hoot though. Worst would be the starting stretch/run-up to the big set of steps. It was bumpy, narrow and oh-so-close to all that concrete and debris. Fun to go through there on subsequent laps. Litter box was a bit unnecessary, wasn’t a natural part of the strange landscape, and only got sand on the drivetrain, wasn’t difficult at all.

Best part was racing in a construction zone! With all the fencing, broken pavement, and other fun stuff. The two sets of steps were pretty cool as they were so fast. Took some focus.


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