Urban Cross 2008: What’s Your Secret?

10. Got a training/racing/life/stock tip you would like to share?

KENNETH MORRIS: I have several injuries from a car accident in 1999.  I was told I would never run again.  After dozens of 5K’s, 10K’s, and marathons I say you are only held back by your desire or lack thereof.

LINDSAY BAYER: Ride each race so that at the end, you don’t look back and have any regrets about not putting in 110% effort. Learn to enjoy suffering.

JULIE KULIECZA: Eat cake and drink booze when you feel like it (not recommended while on the job, but I won’t judge you).  Unless it is your job to race week in and week out you should not deny yourself such delicious things.

GUNNAR SHOGREN: Hopefully, you really enjoy riding and racing your bike. If you don’t, then why? Some folks “retire” and walk away from it all. I just don’t like to travel as much that’s all.

STEVE FIFE: Train harder than you race, and the racing will seem easier. Most importantly, have fun.

JAY MORALI: Be safe out there on the road.

NOAH BELL: not really.

JAKE THOMPSON: I’m all for random training sessions, though they don’t happen often for me.


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