Tech Cross 2008: Calendar Watching

7. Racing next week? What will you do differently, what will you try to repeat?

MICHAEL SEEK: Racing the NC Grand Prix. Mostly, just have fun.

MARY ANNE SNAVELY: Try very hard not to overthink what part of the course scares me and just try to do it!

ANDY MCKEEGAN: Racing every weekend until Natz. Try to take more time to recover properly, not finish a hard three hour interval session, chug a chocolate milk then run off to work and lift heavy [stuff] the rest of the day.

CJ CONGROVE: Somewhere near D.C. I’m gonna try and warm up more before the race, and not crash.

JOHN MCKENNA: Next week I am going to try and stay in the red for a bit longer when following attacks or initiating them. This often works on your opponents heads because they thing you are stronger then you are.

LAURA WHITE: No, I think I’m done for the season. But if I were racing, I would spend more time on my crossbike before the race. I rebuilt the bike as a single speed the day before Tech Cross, and didn’t get to spend time on it before hand. Going single was a smart move, it made the bike lighter, and gave me one less thing to think about during the race, but I was not comfortable with my bar position.  If I had spent more time on the bike before the race I could have made those adjustments.

CHRISTOPHER DALE: Hendersonville Nov. 22nd/23rd!

DAVID MORRIS: Maybe Superior Cross, but I’m waiting on the repair parts.

AENON MOOSE: I have a race in Hendersonville, NC. I’ll try to ride more like I did the second day…more aggressively, especially on the steep up-hills.


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