Tech Cross 2008: Come On, I’m Talking To You …

13. Give a shout out to somebody.

LAURA WHITE: My Team-Team El Toreo. They the best!!!

JOHN MCKENNA: I’d like to thank all the folks who took such great pictures and videos of the race and posted them to the Web.

MARY ANNE SNAVELY: My partner John for not letting me give in to my fears and for being at the hardest part of the course to cheer me on. To all those who volunteer to put on a races.

MICHAEL SEEK: Dave and Steph rule!

ANDY MCKEEGAN: A shout to JB and El Gato for teaching me the flow and showing me the ropes on how to read and ride a cross course.

CHRISTOPHER DALE: Shout out to BOB TAYLOR!! c.p.a.


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