Tech Cross 2008: Final Thoughts…

12. Anything else you would like to add?

ANDY MCKEEGAN: Cross is boss!

MICHAEL SEEK: Thanks to the Tech Cycling Team for their effort in putting on a great event.  I would really like to see it continue and grow.

MARY ANNE SNAVELY: Even though I really stink at the technical part of races, make really stupid decisions and look like a fool at times and lose time in each race, I have really enjoyed the races and the accomplishment I feel when I finish. I think cross riders are friendly and supportive of everyone which is different than the road. I like it that a lot of couples do this together and that the children race, too!

CHRISTOPHER DALE: The races at Virginia Tech were extremely well put on, and featured a great course. Thanks to the VT guys who put on an awesome, unique cross race!


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