Tech Cross 2008: I’m Going To Hit The Brakes And He’ll Fly Right By

3. Describe your winning (or losing) move.

LAURA WHITE (Women 4 VACX B 1st Place Saturday): I won by staying on the gas the entire time. Second place made me work the entire race. I couldn’t let up until the very end.

MICHAEL SEEK: I had a pretty good battle for third going with Andy McKeegan. I think I was a bit faster in some of the technical sections but he had me beat on horsepower. I partially rolled a tire in one of the ditches and that was it for me. Don’t know if I would have been able to battle much longer, I was getting pretty cooked.

ANDY MCKEEGAN: I didn’t really have a winning move, just start fast and stay with the leaders and you will get a good finish. On the second day I wasn’t feeling good and had trouble dropping the guy who was battling me for 3rd. My girlfriend secretly told the announcer to give me [a hard time] and that got me mad enough to put in a hard effort and some distance on my competition.

JOHN MCKENNA: My losing move really is a lack of training. Ed Dickenson just plain and simply had me beat. In the first race I had a bad start and lost a lot of ground. I bridged up to the two leaders and knew that soon after Ed would attack. When he did I probably should have gone into the red zone a bit so as at least to make him think I still had a lot in me when I really didn’t. Then if I pushed him hard in the corners he might have skidded out or something to give me an edge. I was better in the corners then he was so I should have put that to better use. The second day he plain and simply out powered me.

CJ CONGROVE: I’m not sure if the results ever got straightened out, but I finished 5th on Saturday I think but they marked me in 3rd. I actually was in 3rd until about half way around the last lap when I crashed on the steep, downhill, muddy turn before the logs. The crash somehow dropped my chain and wedged it in something pretty good, took me about a minute to get it all sorted and I finished from there. Sunday’s race was pretty typical. I did my usual gig, ride with the leaders for 2 laps and then dropped back to 4th.

MARY ANNE SNAVELY: Oh, I wish I had one!

CHRISTOPHER DALE: After 3/4 of the first lap, teammate Brad Perley rocketed past 2nd place finisher, Noah Niwinski and myself, after that it was a steady race maintaining  3rd to the finish.

DAVID MORRIS: Crashing! On Saturday I lifted a wheel on the final climb and dropped my chain. On Sunday, I binned it on the off-camber uphill corner whilst trying to pass some guys from the other field. Unfortunately, that also cost me my brake lever, so I was down to front brakes only. But I was never going to be able to stay with the two guys ahead of me.


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