Tech Cross 2008: It Was The Best Of Tech Cross …

2. What was the best/worst part of the course?

MARY ANNE SNAVELY (Women 4 VACX B, 2nd Place Saturday and Sunday): For Saturday’s race I liked the off-camber sections. I didn’t like the downhill that took you through brush. On Sunday I liked the downhill where the barrier was the first day. I didn’t like the switchbacks (at least not the last one) in which I only made it up the hill the on the last lap.

AENON MOOSE (Collegiate Women A, 5th Place Saturday and Sunday): I think that I liked running it backwards on the second day more. It was a really good challenging and technical course.

CJ CONGROVE: The turns at the end of the finishing straight in either direction were real fun: fast and downhill. The worst part was the super long, bumpy, soft, off-cambered straight into the 30 mph wind section.

ANDY MCKEEGAN: The best part of the course was the double log obstacle, there were a few “ohh [drat?]” moments going over those at speed.  The worst part of the course was the nasty, gnarly, freezing cold headwind on the backstretch.

MICHAEL SEEK: The course was great because it had a lot of good technical elements that really required you to keep focus. The part I didn’t like (where I had trouble maintaining focus) was the long off-camber slog into the wind. Having Cole on the megaphone and all the people out on the hill heckling was great.

JOHN MCKENNA: Assuming you mean course design I’d say the best was the log piles and the long off camber run. The worst was how bumpy the course was though there is not much you can do about that. Some of the corners could be wider; especially the one around the pine tree section, that one took me by surprise a few times but its all part of the game.

DAVID MORRIS: The back section after the off-camber bits was great. The off-camber bits were a real slog though.

CHRISTOPHER DALE: Best part were the logs.


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