Tech Cross 2008: I’ve Never Told Anybody This Before …

10. Got a training/racing/life/stock tip you would like to share?

MICHAEL SEEK: Go tubular.

JOHN MCKENNA: Train hard but still eat drink and be merry.

LAURA WHITE: Use beer as your recovery drink.

ANDY MCKEEGAN: Don’t lift heavy [stuff] at work the week leading up to your race. Your legs will be destroyed!

DAVID MORRIS: Wool socks and base layers!

AENON MOOSE: Three tips: train, train, train!

CHRISTOPHER DALE: If you ever have wheels laced with campy record hubs and want to use them with Shimano drive train- you need a Campy Shimano HG10 1 Piece free-hub body, AND a Campy Rear Hub Axle for 06 and newer models.


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