Tech Cross 2008: Ooh, That’s Going To Leave A Mark

5. What is something you saw a newbie do that made you think “I really need to have a friendly word with that guy”? This could have been in a race or in the parking lot or waiting in line to register, etc.

JOHN MCKENNA: There was this one kid on the second day that was determined to get on his bike after the forced run up barrier at the bottom of the run up. Rather then run it he would get on his bike and struggle it up. He must have lost 40 seconds a lap doing it.

MICHAEL SEEK: Don’t remount the bike right after the barrier at the bottom of a run-up and waste a huge amount of time trying to ride the hill instead of just remounting at the top. [ed.: I see a trend. I hope one of you was kind enough to talk to this poor bloke.]

CJ CONGROVE: In the race on Sunday, Brian Beckman dove head-first into the second log pile. I would recommend not doing that.

ANDY MCKEEGAN: I don’t know if he was a noob but he would attack me so hard that he’d explode. His attacks were hard enough that I didn’t bother chasing, but another minute or two later on he’d be slumming and Id blaze by him.

CHRISTOPHER DALE: Try not to wear a ridiculous amount of clothes during their race. Granted it was extremely cold but you can’t race in tons of clothing.


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