Tech Cross 2008: Pre-Game Show

4. Pre-race ritual, warm-up, food, etc.?

MICHAEL SEEK: Usually just a Hammer gel and maybe a Monster if I am feeling frisky. Need to do a better job of warming up because I always get worked on the starts and it usually takes me a lap or two to get going.

MARY ANNE SNAVELY: Lose all confidence, begin stressing and swearing I can’t do it.

CJ CONGROVE: Eat a bagel, poop, put on 80 layers, try to warm up.

JOHN MCKENNA: I like to ride the roads and do as many laps on the course as I can for about an hour before the race. I like to show up to the start line almost out of breath and ready to go. Bacon and eggs in the morning, lots of Gatorade up until about 30 minutes before the race and then pop a gel.

ANDY MCKEEGAN: Ride in the morning before the race for about an hour, easy endurance pace.  Have a good nutritious meal which isn’t too heavy 3 hrs before your start, get to your race early and pre-ride the course as much as possible, looking for the best lines and the flow.

LAURA WHITE: I didn’t have time for any rituals or warm-ups.  I came to watch, and brought my bike just in case I decided to race.  I decided to race about half hour before the start, so I only had enough time to register and change before getting to the start line.

CHRISTOPHER DALE: Rubbing Mad Alchemy-Cold Weather Embrocation on my legs.

AENON MOOSE: Ride the course before you race!


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