Tech Cross 2008: Racing, Training or Just Hanging Out

9. Is CX your main focus?

JOHN MCKENNA: Pretty much yes though I had a very good year on the road last year.

ANDY MCKEEGAN: When it’s cross season, yes, and next year I think it will be my only focus.  Road racing is cross training!

MICHAEL SEEK: Yes, pretty much.

LAURA WHITE: No, I prefer endurance mountain biking.  Short, and fast is not my forte.

CHRISTOPHER DALE: Yes, equally with road, and riding commuter bikes.

DAVID MORRIS: I suppose the collegiate road season is my main focus, but I enjoy cross more.

AENON MOOSE: I’ve been cycling for about 3-4 years, but this is my first season of any type of competition, so for now, cross is my focus … I think that I’m going to also gear my focus to cross next year.


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