Tech Cross 2008: That’s Me In The Corner …

1. How was it racing under the lights?

CJ CONGROVE (Cat 4 VACX C, 3rd place Saturday, 4th place Sunday): The sections of the course that were actually under lights were really cool.  The back section was pretty dark, I should have brought a bar light.

JOHN MCKENNA (Masters 35+, 2nd Place Saturday and Sunday): I didn’t race under the lights though I practice there every Tuesday and Thursday under the lights and I love it. As a spectator it was a lot of fun. There seems to be a certain energy in the air. I’ve never seen or heard of a cross race under the lights before. [ed.: Cross Vegas, baby!!!].

MICHAEL SEEK (Pro/1/2, VACX A, 4th Place Saturday): I wish I could have been there for the Saturday night races. I think it is a great concept and would really like to see more night races.

ANDY MCKEEGAN (Pro/1/2, VACX A, 2nd Place Saturday and 3rd Place Sunday): Racing under the lights was awesome, everything looks and feels differently in the dark, shadows are cast which makes things appear bigger or smaller than they really are, like holes or log jumps.

CHRISTOPHER DALE (Collegiate A, 4th Place on Saturday and 3rd Place on Sunday): Awesome! Probably one of the coolest ways to race bikes is at night.

DAVID MORRIS (Collegiate B, 2nd Place Saturday and 3rd Place Sunday): Not too bad at all. There was enough light for me, but I know a lot of people struggled with it.


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