The One With Lights: Tech Cross, Blacksburg, Virginia

VACX Crossers met up in Blacksburg, Virginia, November 15 and 16 for Tech Cross. Saturday night saw racing (mostly) under the lights and into a strong, cold headwind. On Sunday, everybody came back for another shot. The organizers sent everyone off in the opposite direction but there still was that headwind! Reminds me of my grandfather’s walk to school and back, except that was also uphill, both ways, and in the snow.

So how did it go? We checked in with a few of the participants to find out. Here are my takeaways: (1) Night racing sounds awesome; (2) Sometimes, even if you really really don’t want to, you have to get off the bike and run; and (3) even if you show up with the intention of being a spectator … and then decide to race at the last second … without warming up … on a bike you haven’t ridden since converting it to a single-speed the day before … you can still win. Just ask Laura White. And, oh by the way, CX isn’t her “forte.”

CJ Congrove has some great video here:

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