Tech Cross: Who Me?

6. Are you sandbagging? If not, defend yourself. [If you didn’t finish first, was the winner sandbagging???

JOHN MCKENNA: There is no such thing as sandbagging in a Masters race. (wink.)

CJ CONGROVE: No, the winner [Alex Dayton] wasn’t either.  He was a junior that had just raced the race before, he deserved it.

MARY ANNE SNAVELY: Me a sandbagger, Very funny! That’s the least of anyone’s worries with me. Women’s races generally don’t have many in the field. I am no podium girl, except on paper. But I’m glad I have helped my team win some points. In this particular race I didn’t find there were any sandbaggers. IN D.C. I definitely had some sandbaggers in my field.

MICHAEL SEEK: Definitely not a sandbagger because I routinely get worked. It’s actually kind of a pet peeve of mine.

DAVID MORRIS: No prizes for collegiate riders, so I guess not. I probably could ride for an hour, but I’m not sure I could race for an hour in collegiate A.


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