Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Psst … Wanna Hear A Secret?

11. Got a training/racing/life/stock tip you would like to share?

STEPHEN CUMMINGS: Buying things does not make you any fitter.

MATTHEW PARSE: Eat an egg McMuffin 2 hours before each race.

GREG FABER: Not really, I don’t consider myself much of a reference. Don’t smoke, don’t do drugs. Get a job where you can work at night and train during the day.

IAN MATHIAS: Ride and sleep as much as possible. Stocks? I like XOM, PICO, PMC, CNQ, GE, and TBT for the long haul.


JOE LILLIBRIDGE: My training tip for anyone would be to keep the training manageable. When it gets to be a chore or job to train, that’s no good. Mix it up with some Mountain and Road work. Do some local cross practices with a bike club or group. Most importantly, bring a good Belgian beer for post race refreshment! (Any beer works really though!)

WESTON SCHEMPF: Never stand up in a canoe. Stay hydrated and rest lots during cross season.

KRISTOPHER AUER: pre-ride, but only sometimes.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM: Find a team that you love–they’ll be your biggest support.

JIM CARLSON: Give yourself enough recovery time between hard workouts, and you’ll probably do better. How much is “enough”? Probably twice what you think it is.


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