Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Ride Lots …

9. Do you have a coach? If so, where has coaching helped?

GREG FABER: Yes. Structure, motivation, workout variety and type.

IAN MATHIAS: Not officially, but I’ve had a ton of help from Dan Warnick and Sean Galegher, who own HVB, and Dave Weaver from Alan NA. All three of them have been huge in my development this year. And my girlfriend Stef, who is basically my soigneur every weekend. Other than that just some great training partners and my HVB teammates. Baltimore has some remarkable athletes.

JOE LILLIBRIDGE: Yes. Kris Auer. Kris has basically taken my level of fitness where it needed to be to podium in cross by giving me weekly regimented workouts. Before having Kris as a coach I was doing my own thing which was really just riding and not much consistency.

WESTON SCHEMPF: Yes, Kris Auer of the Athlete Development Group out of Baltimore. He has helped provide me with a consistent schedule and works with me to tweak my fitness level according to my season goals. He has seemingly known how hard to push me when necessary to get me to my peak.

KRISTOPHER AUER: Nope on the coaching but I am a coach. [Ed. Note: Wes, Joe, their coach, all on the podium … Sometimes the marketing brochures just write themselves.]

JIM CARLSON: No, no coach. I just do the basic Joe Friel book method, but I could probably use a coach if I found the right one.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM: Yes-Alec Donahue at Cycle-Smart, and absolutely it’s helped. I couldn’t have accomplished what I’ve accomplished this season without his training plan, advice on the mental and tactical aspects and his perspective.


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