Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Dressing For Success

3. Did you overdress, underdress or get it just right?

STEPHEN CUMMINGS: I think I did it right. Long-fingered gloves, long-sleeved skinsuit, sleeveless base-layer. Wool socks. SPORTSBALM hot balm!

MATTHEW PARSE: I got it just right … just a jersey, shorts, and arm warmers.

GREG FABER: Just right: tights, wool socks, under armor base layer, long sleeve jersey and short sleeve jersey over it, fleece beanie, full finger gloves.

IAN MATHIAS: Just right… though it ended up being a lot warmer than I thought it would be.

PAUL RADES: Hands and feet were numb at the start.

JOE LILLIBRIDGE: Got it right. I tested the layers I had on while in the trainer warming up. Felt perfect once I got the legs moving and got into some efforts.

WESTON SCHEMPF: The temp was perfect for a long-sleeved skinsuit.

KRISTOPHER AUER: Dressed perfect. LS skinsuit, sleeveless base-layer and leg warmers.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM: Overdressed. I was squeezing in laps between races and going right from that back to registration and got pretty cold. I should have gone with a long-sleeve skinsuit, short sleeve undershirt and ear band rather than the long sleeve jersey, undershirt, knickers and beanie I was wearing.

JIM CARLSON: I got it just right in the end. I took off layers in the warm-up, then at the start line removed the final extra long-sleeve poly-pro. With the race at about 30 degrees and little wind, I used shorts and racing tights on the bottom, and undershirt, thin poly-pro long sleeve, and jersey on top.


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