Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Far Be It For Me To …

6. What is something you saw a newbie do that made you think “I really need to have a friendly word with that guy”?

STEPHEN CUMMINGS: I really hate seeing people ride around without helmets. There was a kids’ race, and we are who they see and try to emulate. We all know that we probably won’t crash riding to registration, but it is a time when we are most visible.

MATTHEW PARSE: If you can’t ride in the mud and slippery conditions don’t go out in front because when you fall in creates a huge pile.

KRISTOPHER AUER: total bike frustration, up to and including throwing the bike.

GREG FABER: I didn’t see anything. Some dude went WAY too hard on the first lap and got to first place but halfway through the lap he faded and was dropped. Valiant effort I suppose, but all for naught.

JIM CARLSON: I saw someone slow down drastically after the barriers in order to get back on their bike. You need to keep running and even accelerate before leaping back on. You’ll have plenty of time after you hit the seat to look down and get you feet onto the pedals.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM: Nothing at this race, but I remember seeing a Cat 4 guy at Granogue stick out his outside foot AND had his inside foot down when he went around a tight turn .


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