Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Let’s Reconnoiter

1. What was the best part of the course? What was the worst?

WESTON SCHEMPF (Elite Men 1st Place): The entire course was great, but if I had to choose one section it would be the section from after the pit the first time through the choppy ride up (3rd up hill) and the second section would be the “S” turns around the pine trees with the rock in the apex of the turn after the second pit.

KRISTOPHER AUER (Elite Masters 2nd Place): best part was the unusually punchy flow. What was the worst? the start (downhill) and the finish no room to sprint to tight to run more than one abreast effectively.

STEPHEN CUMMINGS (Elite Men 3rd Place): My favorite part of the course was from the barriers to the pit. It was a long uphill drag after a hill section, and the barriers. After remounting, people were hurting here. If you could pace yourself for the whole effort, you could grab a few seconds on people.

IAN MATHIAS (Cat 3/4 1st Place): For me, hardest part was not over-braking on the steep down-hills and sharp corners. A few laps I felt myself being too cautious and giving up the progress I made on the up-hills.

JOE LILLIBRIDGE (Masters 3/4 1st Place): Best part of this course was the layout of the corners. They all seemed to be a bit over 90 degrees and made you lose quite a bit of momentum getting through them. The worst was probably the backside climb where all of the ‘baby head’ divots in the ground going uphill really took it out of you every lap.

MATTHEW PARSE (Cat. 3/4 4th Place): Best Part: All of the tight fast turns. I am technical ride so I prefer lots of turns. Worst Part: the uphill section with the soft ground.

PAUL RADES (Cat 4 Ist Place): The steep hills on the back stretch. No worst part.

GREG FABER (Cat 4 2nd Place): Best: Steep up and down climbs (whoop de loops?) Worst: the low grade uphill bumpy sections.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM (Women 3/4 First Place): Best: the high speed turns, Hardest: the long bumpy uphill after the curvy up and downs.

JIM CARLSON (Cat 1,2,3,4 55+ Masters 3rd Place): The best part was the quick up-hills and down-hills section. I caught and passed people there (probably from mountain biking experience). The worst part was the long shallow up-hill where you ground away and didn’t feel like you were even racing.



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