Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Looking Ahead

8. Racing next week? What will you do differently, what will you try to repeat?

KRISTOPHER AUER: Yep and I’ll get there on time.

WESTON SCHEMPF: Yes. As next weekend’s races are more for training, I’ll probably sit in more and watch the race develop rather than going to the front right away. I’ll work on a mid race surge and then build a two lap final acceleration.

JOE LILLIBRIDGE: Yes. Racing the MABRA final race, then the following week the MAC’s final. I’ll race the same, just trying to stay smooth and fast. Will definitely try to repeat the win. That would be a sweet ending to a great season.

PAUL RADES: Yes, I’m racing. Might sit back a little longer and hold an attack til the end.

GREG FABER: Out of town. [Ed. Note: sad face emoticon omitted.]

IAN MATHIAS: I’ll race elite, so my goal is to not get lapped.

MATTHEW PARSE: Taneytown, Capitol Cross. I want to get a better start. I don’t have the speed that some of the other riders have.

STEPHEN CUMMINGS: There is a local cross race in Pittsburgh. I will try to win. Again I will try to be first into the first corner.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM: I’m racing Taneytown this weekend. I’ll try to repeat the winning part.

JIM CARLSON: Yes, I’m racing next Sunday. I’ll focus on my main race harder this time. At this race, I did my 55+ class, then raced a second (Cat 3,4) race immediately afterward for fitness building. I had that in mind so backed off a bit in my first race. Next week, I’ll put it all out there to stay with those #1 & #2 guys who I’ve been able to ride with before.


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