Tacchino Ciclocross 2008: Sealing The Deal

4. Describe your winning (or losing) move.

WESTON SCHEMPF: After a not so great start I knew I wanted to lead through the chicane before the sketchy gravel turn so I made a move up the left side of the pack on the second pavement section to gain the lead. I pushed it on the first lap on the sections that I thought could create gaps such as after the barriers and the long uphill section after the series of ride ups. That proved to be the case as only Jeff Bahnson was able to bridge across by the second lap. After riding together for the majority of the race I upped the pace on the last two laps.

KRISTOPHER AUER: Losing move would have been the first lap crash and subsequent takedown of my own teammate. Followed by too much energy spent getting to the lead group. Oh yeah Gunnar is still fast.

JOE LILLIBRIDGE: Winning Move-I sat in around 4th place for half way through the first lap to gauge the pace of the 3 guys in front of me. I knew I could match it and give it a bit more if I could get out front. On one of the backside hills of the race, rider #2 went sideways on a fast downhill to uphill transition. Spotting the bobble, I was able to get around 2nd and 3rd moving to take 2nd while they untangled bikes. I bridged up to the leader by the end of the first lap. As we transitioned back to asphalt I took the front and 1st place. I upped my tempo where I knew I could hold the effort for another 35-40 minutes and just concentrated on staying smooth and carrying speed through corners. I also used the painful ‘divot’ climb on the backside to really stand up and hammer it out, knowing people would be suffering up this, I took full advantage of it to keep my chasers at bay. In the end I rode the next laps solo by keeping cool, not panicking, and also keeping a high pace at all times. Took the win with about a 12-15 second gap to 2nd place.

PAUL RADES: Let 5-6 guys go out strong, and waited for them to fade on the hilly stretch. Then I upped the pace to create a gap, and prayed I could close the deal without a mechanical or crash.

GREG FABER: When Paul surged for first place to get the 1st lap prime, I got on his wheel and we both gapped the lead group. He kept the pressure on full gas for 2 laps and I saw him slowly creep away from me until halfway through the race and he started putting 15 seconds between him and myself. I had a decent gap on Scott Cernich (3rd place) and so made sure not to screw up any turns or get any mechanicals.

STEPHEN CUMMINGS: In the race for 3/4/5 I stayed the front the entire last lap and put it in the big ring (45 tooth) before the final downhill and climb back up. I kept it steady enough that if the 4th place person tried rivaling my speed, I had enough to jump if I saw him in my peripherals.

MATTHEW PARSE: I always look for a good spot to make my move during the race. Usually I will have my attack spot figured out by the third lap. Regardless of whether I am fighting for 1st place or 100th place it is always fun to attack.

LINDSEY HILLESHEIM: In the first lap, the second place girl made a move to go around me near the pit and we were rubbing shoulders and elbows, fighting to be first into the corner and I got it. I really wanted the first lap prime. I put the hammer down after I got through that corner and just rode away from the field.

JIM CARLSON: I lost my number 1 & 2 riders as they weaved through a younger age group and I got split off from them. I won my number 3 slot by also passing as many in the younger class as I could and using them as “blockers” to competitors behind me.


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