Charm City Video

As I work on getting together interviews from this past Sunday’s Charm City Cyclocross at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, I am pleased to present the first ever In The Crosshairs helmet-cam production. Here is the prologue and first lap from the Men’s Masters B race.

In its original format, there was a smoking soundtrack to accompany the video. But it turns out that Sony Corp. and I disagree on the definition of “fair use” and You Tube has disabled the audio.  I will try to have an alternative copy with restored audio up on Vimeo soon. In the meantime, take your Dramamine and let’s go for a ride.


4 thoughts on “Charm City Video

  1. i’m the slow dude in front of your with polka dot jersey. that is too weird to see a video of yourself. i don’t know what’s worse:
    – seeing your drivers license pic
    – hearing a recording of yourself
    – seeing a from-behind of yourself in a race.


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