Charm City Cyclocross: Mike Garrigan Interview

Former Canadian National Cyclocross Champion Mike Garrigan

La Biciletta’s Mike Garrigan, the 2007 Canadian Cyclocross Champion, brought his skills as a professional mountain biker, accomplished ‘crosser, and former runner, to the fast technical Charm City Cyclocross course. In this past Sunday’s race at Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland, Garrigan battled with Adam Myerson and Davide Frattini all day long at the front of the Men’s Elite field. In the finale, it came down to a two-man battle for silver. Garrigan put in a strong effort to hold off Myerson and secure the second step on the podium.

Mike took some time to share some insights on how the day unfolded and his appreciation of a good bottle of wine. 

What was your favorite part of the course? 

I really liked the fast flowing corners on the back half of the course, but Im gonna have to say Sand pit. Sand pit, final answer. 

What was the decisive moment in your race? The point in which the race was either won or lost. Can you describe it for us? 

Garrigan at the front of the field.

There was so much action in this race! From pileups to tactics, it was all there. The one moment that really decided my result was a hard effort I put in along with Myerson with about 2 laps to go. That was what gave us the liberty to focus on each other for silver position. 

What is your pre-race routine and what did you eat beforehand? 

Routine? pretty standard, I’m guessing; Drive, eat a little, easy ride, eat lots, chill/clean bike, snack, watch race, warm up 90 min. 

As for the food- Early in the morning I have a little more fat (Peanut butter, eggs etc) than later. As we get closer to the event I keep it light with some apple sauce and a few starchy type things. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to somebody just starting to race cyclocross? 

Ride with some experienced riders or take a clinic. Exposing yourself to all the different techniques from the get go will give you something to think about when you’re out training on your own. 

What wheels and tires did you run? Clinchers? Tubulars? Tire pressure? 

Mavic wheels with some Tufo 32c Tubular tires. pressure was soft. (I’d guess 30psi). 

Any funny or memorable moments during your race? Before? After? 

I contemplated pouring my winning wine on Frattini during the awards ceremony, That may have been humorous. I noticed the wine had come from Argentina, that’s what changed my mind. Much too far for a grape to travel to be dumped on a buddy, in my opinion. 

Anything else you would like to add?

Just that I had a great time at the event! Beautiful city with really nice people, would love to come back. I’m continually being reminded how many cool people do this sport! 

Give a shout out to somebody.

Thanks to La Bicicletta and BMC- the bike rode so well! Jim Lehman and Chris Carmichael at CTS for helping me maximise my time and putting me in shape this fall!

Jon at—great shots Jon!

All the young MTB’ers back in Ontario who motivate me to do my best, if not to set an example but prolong the time it takes before they start kicking my butt! 

All my good friends! Having people who believe in me back home really fuels the fire.


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