Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross Helmet-Cam Video

Here is the prologue and first lap of the Men’s Masters 3/4 race from the Septemeber 27, 2009, edition of Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross. Among the many notables passing me by, Joel from over at Gwadzilla makes a cameo about a third of the way through. This was a tough race. You can see that even by the end of the first lap the wheels started coming off.

Video from the Killer Bs should be up this evening. Photos and interviews are in the works.

The video is shot in HD. If your Internet tubes cannot handle it, press the red HD button on the viewer and it will stream at a lower bit rate.

Thanks for watching.


8 thoughts on “Ed Sander Memorial Cyclocross Helmet-Cam Video

  1. Is that the Bacon Bros. I hear on the Soundtrack. Nice Heisman pose by Gwadzilla as he passes Thori.

  2. Weird. Doesn’t look nearly as muddy on camera! Still picking mud out of my teeth, though. (chain ring teeth…)

  3. That is one of the few helmet cam videos that I can watch and say “wow, I feel like I’m actually racing”…the pacing and quality of the video is awesome. Thanks!

  4. Very nice work. I agree with mike, it does not look as muddy, but it sure was… Where is the upchuck cam???

  5. AWESOME!!

    I agree with Vaughn, felt like I was there while watching the video…which was a little weird being that I’m at work. 😉

    Keep em coming.

  6. nice! that really captured the spirit of the thing…lotta traffic out there first lap. you can’t easy off the pedals or flub a line or 5 guys will pass. intense.


    nice call catching a draft off of him as he motored the gravel roads and worked his way through the field.

  7. Very nice video, felt like I was in the middle of the action! I will definitely come back to look at it again next year as a reference.

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