Ed Sander CX Video (Part II): Cyclocross is Punk

There is a common cycling analogy that is tossed around this time of year that goes something like this: road racing is classic rock and cyclocross is punk. Like punk, CX is hard, loud, chaotic and over before you know it. Like good punk/hardcore/straightedge it also hurts. In a good way.

Punk and cyclocross, for the most part, are grassroots affairs. They depend on a strong community to exist and grow. That is why I am stoked to have teamed up with some amazing bands and independent record labels that will be providing the soundtracks for today’s and future CXHairs videos.

Here is the disclaimer. This music may not be for everybody. There may be words in the lyrics you find offensive. I only ask that you give it a shot. If it is not to your liking, turn the volume off and enjoy the video.

So let’s get ready to rock and roll. Today’s  3/4 Men’s race video playlist is as follows:

1. Guantanamo Calling~Dead Mechanical

2. Messy Apartment~Dead Mechanical

3. Speakeasy~East Liberty

4. Got Damn Bicycle~The DLake (Kevin Bacon Remix)

Please check out Dead Mechanical at Toxic Pop Records and on iTunes. The DLake is at www.dlake.com.

A big thank you to Jim for his help in making this collaboration happen.

Okay. Let’s go to the video. You will see right from the start that there is much more slipping and sliding than in the Masters race. I counted at least four crashes. Stay put until the end. The big one happens right before the ten minute mark. As  SpectaSport race announcer and promoter extraordinaire, Ken Getchell put it, “if you crash in front of the announcer, you get to hear your name once. If you crash in front of the ‘In The Crosshairs guy,’ you get to be on YouTube.”
Reminder: The video is in HD format. If your machine isn’t up to it. Press the red HD button on the viewer to go to normal view.

Thanks for watching.


7 thoughts on “Ed Sander CX Video (Part II): Cyclocross is Punk

  1. Oh man, I hope that wasn’t a butthead move by me right before the video ended…I’m a CX n00b.

    -Pete (the blue guy)

  2. Awesome… Pete- not really a butthead move by any means. I’d picked my line and by pushing myself wide I didn’t have any place to go when you snuck over there (I should have taken your line!) Seemed that was the best place to be but also the most risky. I thought I was heading for the pond and just tossed the bike.

    Nice footage of me biting it. I was having a shite day to begin with, and that was the icing on the cake. Same thing happened to me there on the first lap, and it happened in another spot on the course, too, which caused me to stop riding and start running in the thick stuff.

    So it was the cameraman who kicked me in the head!!! Excellent!

  3. Helmet Cam = 2 weekends and 3 Route 1 Velo/Arrow crashes caught on films…we are starting to steal back the Team Crash title from the Bike Rack dudes. However, they still hold the record for the most carnage and pounds of flesh taken. We have kept it to the harmless dirt.

  4. upon further inspection on the end of the video, you clearly see me wobble from taking a really muddy line VERY quickly, and my fishtailing rear end takes out the following rider, resulting in the funniest youtube bicycle crash this side of the sign-fail vid. Helmet cams in CX races = win

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