Hyattsville CX Video: Masters 3/4

The first Hyattsville CX presented by Arrow Bicycle and Route1Velo took place Sunday, October 11, 2009, at Magruder Park, Hyattsville, Md. Here is a look from the helmet-cam of the Masters 3/4 race. Fast power sections, spiral-o-death, deceptively tricky sand, technical off-cambers, and about 8 feet in elevation change. It’s all there.

Our soundtrack this week is courtesy of DC-area band, Tiny Bombs. Check them out at The tracks on the video are available for download at the site. Give a listen, then go check them out live.

Housekeeping note: I will be posting BCA and Kelley Acres podium interviews soon. Thank you to everybody that participated. It is truly appreciated and I apologize for the delay in getting your responses on the site.

And now to the video. Thanks for watching.

As always, if your machine is like mine and can’t handle the HD version, click on the red HD button in the bottom right corner of the viewer and the video should stream quicker.


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