All Hallows ‘Cross Video: Dudek vs. Culvert


I should have full video up from All Hallows ‘Cross tonight or tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a little morsel from the 3/4 race to tide you over. On the left is a shot, courtesy of the race promoter, of Ryan Dudek unsuccesfully hopping the culvert barrier.

And here is what it looks like from behind. Ryan does point out at the 11 second mark that he successfully cleared it the lap before. But as the saying goes, “Without pictures it didn’t happen.” 


5 thoughts on “All Hallows ‘Cross Video: Dudek vs. Culvert

  1. good work Ryan… I was curious what it would take to get some serious airplay on In the Crosshairs… now I know!

    good effort
    always great to see someone going for it!

  2. I only fall with you around. There were still 4 photographers there the next lap when I got it for the second time, but I haven’t found pictures yet.

    One day, I won’t fall in front of you and you will be all out of funny pictures for your site.

  3. That’s was awesome. He did make it the first time around. Then the photographers came, drawn in by my awesome loud bell =)

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