All Hallows ‘Cross Video

Here is the first ten minutes of the Masters 3/4 race from Halloween morning’s All Hallows ‘Cross. This is the premiere of “Moto 2,” a second camera attached to the seat-stay and capturing the action happening behind me. I’ve tried to set it up in a way that shows both views but isn’t too distracting. Let me know what you think.

Interesting start to this race with a mechanical in the starting grid. It’s pretty much ten minutes of catch-up. Rainy conditions deteriorate the picture a bit but add to the spooky Halloween vibe. No featured music this week, just the sounds of racing.

Thanks for watching.


5 thoughts on “All Hallows ‘Cross Video

  1. Its will be nice at a race where there are a lot of people, that way we can see the constant chattering of bikes/racers behind you. Though not sure it is worth the mechanical mishap.

  2. Bill, great ride to have a mechanical at the start and still finish on the podium (if they would have had one!). I think you are ready for the 123 Elite race!

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