Jared Interviews …

Jared Nieters, your man on the street.

Debuting a new feature, this morning. Haymarket Bicycles’ fast man Jared Nieters, before mixing it up in the elite CX race, has been putting together short video interviews of your favorite racers. In episode one of ‘Jared Interviews …’ (I need a better name for this segment), Jared interviews the up-and-coming Tyler Karnes (Pioneer-SM) and Wes Schempf (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes).

Thanks for watching.

First up, Tyler goes from the depths of despair to heights of joy (okay, his expression doesn’t change in the clip, but I’m going to assume that’s what he’s feeling)

And here, Wes explains why the new C3 Halloween kit debuted the week after Halloween.

More to come …


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