Chicago Cross Cup Vid And Bike There

There are at least a handful of ‘cross racers in the Mid-Atlantic region with aspirations to ride their bikes to as many MABRA races as possible, next season.

Sean Callahan of Team Pegasus races at Northbrook. Photo by Josh Radlein.

Our friendly Internet overlords at Google make that a little bit easier today with the roll out of “Bike There” on Google Maps. “Bicycling” is now an option on the “Get Directions” tab at Good stuff.

Along with the Bike There reveal we are also bringing a little grassroots ‘cross video goodness to your computer monitors, today. Heather Jurewicz of Johnny Sprockets put together a great highlight reel from the 2009 Chicago Cyclocross Cup series. The Chi Cross Cup was started in 2004 as a grass roots effort by folks that wanted to race ‘cross in their neighborhood. Yes, that’s all it takes. The series has grown ten races and features hard racing and a party atmosphere. But don’t just take my word for it, check out the film.

Thanks for watching.


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