Bicycle Film Festival Returns to DC

The Bicycle Film Festival returns to DC this weekend ( It features movies touching all corners of bike geekitude including an encore performance of “The Cyclocross Meeting.” If you missed it in December, BFF is giving you another shot to see director Brian Vernor’s tale of U.S. ‘crossers training, racing and being big in Japan. Crazy concept, I know. Go check out the trailer and we will meet back here in two minutes and twenty-four seconds.

Now that you’ve watched that, watch this. Here’s the new trailer for the tenth edition of the festival. It’s sparkly.

So here’s the deal, the BFF hoopla starts tonight at 9 pm with a goldsprints kickoff party at Asylum in DC. The movies start Friday night at the Gala Theater, 3333 14th St. NW. Program 1 features The Cyclocross Meeting and starts at 7pm. Program 2 features Bike Shorts and begins at 9 pm. Day two starts Saturday at 3pm with Bicycle Dreams and continues with new films every two hours. Festivities wrap up Saturday night with an after party at Meridian.

If you live in the DC-area and like to see bicycle-related events such as the BFF come to town, you need to go support the cause. Much like pre-registering for a race, buying tickets online makes life easier on the BFF staff. So much so, that BFF DC organizer guy Chris Carraway will forehead kiss all purchasers of online tickets. Just tell him I said so, and get your free smooch.

See you at the movies.


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