Winchester Apple Harvest ‘Cross Preview

Winchester Apple Harvest ‘Cross takes place October 3 in Winchester, Virginia. In its second year, and first in the MABRAcross series, the Apple Harvest ‘Cross offers a nice hilly course in a scenic locale.

Here is a rough outline of the course set up:

Winchester Apple Harvest Cyclocross

We enlisted Kenny Morris of race organizer the Winchester Wheelmen to run us through the course. And joining us again to provide commentary is Ken Woodrow (Squadra Coppi), who is the MABRAcross technical advisor for Winchester Apple Harvest Cross.

UPDATE: We had a question in the comments about barriers. They will be located behind the registration/podium area. On the video, this is at 10:11. The right hand turn behind the shelter.

Thanks for watching.


7 thoughts on “Winchester Apple Harvest ‘Cross Preview

  1. @Brian According to our camera operator: “10:11 the right hand turn behind the shelter you can see me bounce off the bike and simulate the two jumps. The barriers will be located right behind the registration/announcer/podium area.”

  2. So with the rain we just got over Wed/Thurs, how dry (or not) is that course going to be this weekend?

    And thanks again for these previews.

  3. The course has held up well. The Belgian Wall may be ridable, but distinctly more difficult than when it was bone dry. Another day of dry weather may help.

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