DCCX Non-Tandem Helmet Cam

The 2010 DCCX course, which took place October 24 at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington, D.C., offered several new twists and turns. The addition of another set of uphill barriers was a cruel trick, indeed. But overall, DCMTB took a good cyclocross blueprint and made it even better.

Here is a bit more than a lap of the course. Keep your eyes open for Single Speed Outlaw rider Todd Bauer catching a little air followed quickly by a Gwadzilla sighting. Good course, good times. Not much more to say than that.

Music for this video is from Richmond band Light The Fuse And Run. You can check out their Exotic Fever Records platter at exoticfever.com. This is the music you want to warm up to. Trust me. It will get you there. Thanks for watching.


3 thoughts on “DCCX Non-Tandem Helmet Cam

  1. Bill, you were riding strong out there. Thanks for the shout-out. Great race, incredible day, awesome video. Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Bill, thanks for letting me have that first lap. My 15…err…9 minutes of fame. Hope I was able to show you some decent lines. Once you got past there was no catching up. Great racing. Great video. Thanks again.

    Steve K.

  3. Bill, I got on the camera, funny I was right in front of you, and then got some distance. At the end of the video you had caught up to me. Great ride out there, and you got Bruce too.

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