All Hallows Cross Cat 4 Video

Tanner Browne at Ed Sander Memorial CX

All Hallows Cross took place October 30 at the Oak Ridge equestrian park in Hughesville, Md. Racers were treated to two long sand crossings through horse show rings, a trip through an abandoned barn and a fun single-track ascent. Instead of showing you the same backs of the same riders, we handed off the helmet-cam to Tanner Browne (Bike Doctor-Bayside Velo) to get a look at the category four race.

For those of you scoring at home, Tanner is 13 and lined up for the Cat 4 race a couple hours before winning the junior 10-14 race.  Tanner does a nice job working through the field on this first lap coverage. We also get a good look at a Gripped Racing rider hopping the steel pipe barrier that forced most to dismount. This happens at about the 5:25 mark on the video.

Thanks again to John Cutler for adding some atmosphere with his sound beds. And thank you for watching.


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