All Hallows Cross Masters 3/4 Helmet Cam

All Hallows Cross went down October 30 at Oak Ridge Park in Hughesville, Md. The park features two equestrian rings, which gave the MABRAcross ridership the biggest sand pits they will see this year. In 2009, this course was one for the power set. This year, organizing club Pax Velo mixed it up a bit. They broke up some of the longer stretches, added turns in the sand and an extra horse ring, and kept the rooted single-track section. In most races throughout the day, the field strung out pretty quickly and remained that way until the end. That’s what happened in the Masters 3/4 race, as you will see on the video.

For your listening pleasure, we have another kickin’ hardcore band, 400 Years. Sadly, these Richmond via Tucson transplants are no longer together. But their record label, Lovitt records is. Check out the catalog at

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