Schooley Mill Course Preview

Julie Cool at Schooley Mill

Schooley Mill, the first race in the Howard County Double Cross weekend,  takes place Saturday November 20 in Highland, Md. In its second year, the Schooley Mill “Steeple Chase” is an opportunity for the diesels to get their groove on.

Last year’s course had nice long power sections but also a good deal of ridable mud bog that favored racers that can churn out the watts. With a good drenching in the Mid-Atlantic region this week, the mud should return for an encore performance.

According to the HoCo2xCx blog, the course is undergoing a couple changes, but I have it on good authority it will still be wide open. The barriers are now located near the pits and the climbing sections have been broken up a bit. There is also the “disembowled death spiral” that  I reckon we are all going to have to just experience for ourselves on race day. From what I understand, it’s a lot of swoopy turns at speed.

For this course preview we are pleased to have back in the studio Dan Tille from Fulcrum Coaching and Chris Mayhew from JBV Coaching. They not only give you the low down on getting through the course fast and efficiently, but they also throw in their normal dose of riding tips that are applicable to this race and any other race you may enter. These guys know their stuff. If you are looking for a coach to get to that next level, click on their names above and give Chris or Dan a shout.

Thanks for watching. We will be back tomorrow with the Rockburn Cross preview.

2010 Schooley Mill Course (disembowled death spiral not shown)


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