Rockburn Tandem-Cross Video

Kegley and Bauer Animated The Tandem-Cross Battle

The third race in the MABRAcross Tandem-Cross series took place Sunday, November 1, at Rockburn Cross. Current tandem-cross series leaders Padam (Adventures for the Cure) had their first serious challenge as the Connolly-Shiao (KBS/LSV) and Bauer-DKeg (SSO) teams were right on their heels the whole way.

For the video we have Single Speed Outlaw’s Todd Bauer sporting the helmet cam and a lot of outside the tape coverage. The Tandem-Cross finale happens this Sunday at The MABRAcross Championship in Taneytown. Spots are still available, so grab a bike and a stoker and sign up.

Thanks for watching and Happy Thanksgiving everybody.


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